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Speaking Electronic Chinese Translator


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Speaking Electronic Chinese Translator Comet VOCAL 603-B

    130,000 English words, 60,000 Chinese phrases, 5,929 Chinese characters, 12,709 Chinese idioms, 676 idiom stories. 

    All of human voice, the words and explanation all can talk anyway. The Chinese have Mandarin and Cantonese pronunciation.

    Complete distortion word function, single (plural noun, comparative) superlative degree for adjective / adverb, verb tense, synonym, antonym.

    Unlimited cross search, English words and Chinese words all can cross search to get the explanation anyway.

    English grammar, international phonetic symbol interpret, Chinese PinYin interpret, grade of words, Professional sports terminology, classify of words.

    2,300 Chinese - English conversation, 16 scene of conversation mode, English / Mandarin / Cantonese pronunciation.

    Aptitude learning method, interesting Chinese learning method.

    Useful formula of Mathematics / physics / chemistry, 300 of Tang poems / Song ci, three character primer. Poem of lection, the Analects, detailed contemporary explanation.

    Notebook, Memo, Calendar, Scheduler.

    Scientific calculation, Metric conversion, Currency conversion, International size.

    Time and Date, Calendar, Word time, Alarm.

    5 kinds of games include SUDOKU.

    Three interface of English, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional.

    Seven kinds of Chinese input methods: PinYin, WuBe, CKC, ZhuYin, CangJie, Bushou, Bihua.

    80*160 LCD display.

    2*AAA batteries, Automatic Power Off


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comet vocal 603 B

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