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Slowakei elektronisches Wörterbuch


English Slovak electronic dictionary

can translate Slovakian between English and other language, The Slovak language (Slovensky_jazyk.ogg slovenský jazyk (help·info), slovenčina , not to be confused with slovenščina), sometimes incorrectly called “Slovakian”, is an Indo-European language that belongs to the West Slavic languages.


The Czech and Slovak languages are mutually intelligible which means that even after the dissolution of Czechoslovakia Czech may be used in all official proceedings and documents in Slovakia, and vice versa.


Slovak is spoken in Slovakia (by 5 million people), the United States (500,000), the Czech Republic (320,000), northern Serbia (60,000), Ireland (30,000), Romania (22,000), Hungary (20,000), Poland (20,000), Canada (20,000), Croatia (5,000), Australia, Austria, Ukraine, and Bulgaria.

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VOCAL 611 14 Sprachen elektronische sprechende Übersetzer

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