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News & Articles Archive

News & Articles Title Published
kingdict moved its headquarters from Shenzhen, Chengdu 04/20/2010
About kingdict 03/30/2010
kingdict awarded "China Well-known Trademark" honorable title 03/28/2010
2009 Chinaes most influential education group 03/25/2010
Gold Ad 03/15/2010
Global English word spelling contest in China Wins success 03/14/2010
Director of investigation and research to kingdict 03/12/2010
2009 Kingdict gold Guide 03/12/2010
2009 China's most influential education group 03/12/2010
Noah education and Franklin Electronic Publishers 03/12/2010
Kingdict-China famous brand 03/12/2010
English spelling of the first World Youth Championship 12/24/2009
Examination 12/22/2009
kingdict reading machine opening hot spots 12/21/2009
Dedicated students learning machine 12/20/2009
Mystery School big rescue 12/19/2009
The State Intellectual Property Licensing 12/17/2009
Integration of the value of the elite resources to develop learn 12/15/2009
Activities Final 12/14/2009
Hold up the hope of tomorrow, with love 12/13/2009
Learning activities to help 12/11/2009
kingdict Disaster Relief Group 12/10/2009
letter addressed to employees 12/09/2009
kingdict Research Project 12/08/2009
kingdict Send warm 12/07/2009
kingdict agency contributions 12/06/2009
Three minutes of air solidification 12/06/2009
kingdict employee contributions 12/04/2009
kingdict heart in the disaster area 12/04/2009
kingdict donations to establish schools 12/02/2009
Simplify 11/30/2009
Graphing calculator power the new reform 11/30/2009
kingdict sponsorship to study 11/28/2009
kingdict help New Curriculum 11/26/2009
Mobile learning into the educational technology hot spots 11/25/2009
kingdict appeared WMUTE attract global attention of experts 11/24/2009
Good is really good 11/24/2009
Technology makes it easier for 11/23/2009
Learn but happy 11/22/2009
kingdict help learning 11/20/2009
Technology makes it easier for 11/19/2009
Education, a revolution? 11/17/2009
Spent learning process is different from the kingdict 11/16/2009
kingdict experimental classes 11/15/2009
Independent research and development graphics computing technolo 11/14/2009
kingdict in good faith in the face of crisis 11/13/2009
Electronics paste "Pollution Control Logo" 11/11/2009
The event playback 11/10/2009
Reduction of environmental hazards will achieve green appliances 11/09/2009
kingdict creative power of educational information 11/06/2009
New York Stock Exchange listed kingdict 11/05/2009
China has a pedagogical enterprises listed in kingdict 11/04/2009
International authoritative ever Riverdeep courseware 11/03/2009
kingdict receives two awards Advertising Festival 11/02/2009
Close to the demand for secondary school students return value 11/01/2009
General guidance to meet the learning needs 10/29/2009
Efficient method to solve problems 10/28/2009
New style listing 10/27/2009
kingdict application of search engine technology 10/26/2009
Mayor Liu investigation leads delegation to kingdict 10/25/2009
The new models released in Beijing. 10/24/2009
Boost the quality of education and scientific research 10/23/2009
High-quality resources support learning 10/21/2009
Active co-operation 10/20/2009
Genuine worry-free education resources support learning 10/19/2009
kingdict has been welcomed by students 10/18/2009
Experts and highly subject research schools 10/17/2009
Use the laptop experimental class record. 10/16/2009
kingdict the national educational technology research 10/14/2009
kingdict the national educational technology research 10/13/2009
New technology helps color display in laptop fire rallies in 10/12/2009
The protagonist kingdict to be the best 10/11/2009
kingdict awarded "companies products" title 10/10/2009
The national educational technology key study areas will be held 10/09/2009
kingdict wins Red Herring Top100 enterprises in Asia 10/08/2009
Education Research Institute Conference held in Beijing 10/07/2009
Color display in learning machine listing 10/06/2009
Famous teacher Union kingdict power education 10/05/2009
The agitation of learning machine intelligence application 10/03/2009
Laptop will participate in teaching 10/03/2009
who has won two awards 10/02/2009
Focus on education in the project to start in Shenzhen 10/01/2009
Web-based teaching classroom without the need for specialized 09/29/2009
Basic education ushered in the new age of Web-based learning 09/28/2009
kingdict and 300 principals discussed online teaching 09/27/2009
2005 Pacific high-tech 500 09/25/2009
Disney activation industrial chain,Disney night. 09/25/2009
Significant achievements in art education and young people 09/24/2009
Education electronic industry giants oligomerization Beijing 09/23/2009
kingdict Wins 2009 top ten foreign language product brand 09/22/2009
Two software is rated excellent software in Shenzhen for the 200 09/21/2009
The authorization of Oxford! 09/20/2009
The affirmation of the Oxford 09/19/2009
Brand describes 09/18/2009
Consumers in the eyes of favorite brand 09/17/2009
leading industry 09/15/2009
About kingdict 09/13/2009
kingdict became a Chartered producers of the Asian Games 09/12/2009
i love reading, i love life 09/11/2009
kingdict glass-English composition contest 09/09/2009
kingdict the grateful 15th anniversary of the action starts! 08/31/2009
Scholarship bulletin 08/27/2009
Impressions after winning 08/25/2009
The winner of winning a middle school teachers 08/24/2009
Sykes winners comments on the history and teachers 08/23/2009
Education technology development industrialization 08/22/2009
Innovation platform 08/21/2009
Winter holidays activity bulletin 08/21/2009
"sinodict" Satyagraha student training market 08/20/2009
Academician visit sinodict 08/20/2009
Second sinodict Congress national excellent elite held 08/20/2009
Access to education Research Institute up-graded 08/20/2009
Project interim seminar 08/20/2009
The imminent completion of the new plant 08/20/2009
sinodict Corporation perform presentation for the product fans 08/20/2009
Practical features and Volkswagen price always loved by young pe 08/20/2009
FY brand digital products 08/20/2009
love, harmony topics News Conference 08/20/2009
Recruitment postdoctoral researchers 08/20/2009
electronic education industry 08/14/2009
educational electronic product 08/14/2009
learning machine 08/14/2009
Chinese consumer electronics market 08/14/2009
Kingdict Super Star sound sculpture competition 08/14/2009
The ten best Star fan 08/14/2009
2009 China's foreign language products eight sharp object 08/14/2009
unregreted choice 08/11/2009
Shanghai Kingdict computer technology 08/11/2009
Educational technology innovation platform 08/11/2009
Kingdict learning scholarship scheme 08/11/2009
2009-Chi learning Po winter vacation activities bulletin 08/11/2009
solemn declaration 08/03/2009
Global Gloden View 07/09/2009
English Arabic electronic dictionary 06/19/2009
Electronic dictionary less than 300 yuan is not recommended 06/13/2009
Why go electronic dictionaries 05/23/2009
Second session of the Comet's Outstanding elite has been held 05/23/2009
Comet invite agent 05/23/2009
The second editorial board of comet has established 05/23/2009
New comet store open 05/16/2009